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The Life of author Colin C. McMullen

I have attempted to laze my way through life, doing the things I enjoy, as best I am able but I've always been almost obsessed to understand how and why things work. A family background of inventors, engineers and architechs (of earlier years), gave me the courage to seek knowledge about things that fascinated me, especially in regards to the operation and design of relatively complex machines particularly seaplanes, autogyros, hovercraft, hydrofoils and the like.Growing up, I was barely aware I'd been  an extremely sickly baby who had suffered a string of complaints, largely as a result of my arriving during the London blitz. Although it never entirely prevented me from having a go and doing all the usual crazy things of youth, it seems my various disabilities always eventually caused problems as I tried pursuing various career paths.

I emigrated to Australia in 1967 to complete a commercial pilots licence and consider the move the best decision of my life. Think I can claim the world record for the speed of my arrival. I arrived as a "Ten Pound Tourist" just 35 days after making the decision to emigrate. They rushed me through to help me meet a course deadline and I didn't even have time to pay the bill.

I've had a great many occupations, including filing clerk and London bobby, and have tried selling everything from appliances to encyclopedias, with notably little success. I've been a teacher of ballroom and latin  dance, a commercial pilot and an insurance investigator. I've trained people to operate business printing equipment, and been a technician and/or mechanic on cars, appliances, light aircraft, printers and photocopiers, and my own mowers and tractors etc.

In the early 70's I returned to fixing domestic home appliances as the one thing my physical disabilities allowed me to continue doing and as a consequence ran my own appliance repair business for over 20 years in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. In '87, I purchased an 8 hectare (20 acre) property at Healesville, near Melbourne where I designed and built Hedgend Maze, a maze and tourist park, doing the vast majority of the development work entirely single-handedly. The park opened in '92 and grew rapidly and won a number of tourism awards. Almost derelict when I bought it, the property is now a place of challenge, charm and great beauty, as well as being the expression of many of my whacky ideas.

My burning desire to discover the general principles of how things work, from the humblest of mechanical contrivances to space craft, has caused me to keep working on how and why things are made the way they are. I consider myself a pretty ordinary engineer but a very good designer and mechanic as I've always had a talent for improving the way things work. It is however, to my eternal frustration that I failed to acquire the practical engineering skills and equipment to put many of my ideas and inventions into polished, practical products.

I was fortunate enough for a time to own an ultralight seaplane and some of my adventures were published in various flying magazines. Prior to that, over a number of years I designed and built a number of hovercraft (6 in all) that were always in the process of being modified and improved. The need for ingenuity was ever a high priority as finances were always tight.

I've got into a lot of scrapes and had a lot of fun and still marvel every day at having survived so long. I've been thrown headfirst, backwards through a hovercraft propeller spinning at full speed and emerged with barely a scratch and survived a number of forced landing without even a graze and consider my purchase and the adventures I had with my Avid amphibious ultra light aircraft the highlight of my life so far.

I used to enjoy a (very undisciplined) game of badminton, table tennis, bridge, snooker or Scrabble but am not at all keen on formal competitions of any sort. I have enjoyed swimming, scuba diving, and sailing and have been known to produce a number of oil paintings for my own pleasure, that people kept insisting on buying. However, it is in watching the workings of the mind that I find my greatest fascination and with a lifelong interest in practical puzzles, the development of the maze was a logical progression.

After ten years, I was still enthralled to watch how visitors went about solving the many puzzles at the maze but I eventualy passed it over to my partner of nine years and left to return to the research interest, started in my youth, about how and why the pyramids were built.

So Why the Books?

I first started writing seriously whilst touring the east coast of Australia in a motor home and I found I greatly enjoyed the process. After something of an epiphany I suddenly realised that some research that I had just been reading about could actually be connected as the final proof that linked the pyramids and flying saucers, a theory I had been exploring and researching in different ways for most of my life.

Oddly, there was nothing intrinsictly new to me in the data as I had been aware of the experiments for some years. What was new, was the realisation that I now had all the pieces of the puzzle and that in some way I was being driven to connect them all together.

What had been purely a personal quest was suddenly injected with a feeling of intense purpose. Some might say it was a spiritual experience and though  not prepared to go quite so far I must admit I.am still not quite sure why it all affected me so strongly at and from that time..

I had long held the conviction that many of the ancient mysteries were connected. It started from a UFO experience in my very early teens that forced me to consider all the possibilities involved, including how an alien species might attempt to colonise earth, what difficulties they would face, what technology they would use and what evidence there would be of such visits. 

What started as a fascination has become conviction as all the elements I predicted have gradually surfaced but only in very recent years has our technology advanced sufficiently to allow any real proof of the possible connections to be tested and though some is now proven, most of it is still in the realm of future science possibilities

As the connections to me became more obvious I initially assumed others would make them too and that the announcement and acceptance of these historical links was only a matter of time. When nothing happened I found myself driven to investigate further.

And the further I went, the more convincing and astonishing the evidence I found. And the more facts I uncovered the more the legends and the evidence appeared to tie together. It was all so convincing I soon came to realise that as far as I was concerned it was much more than simply a theory, still open to debate and endless speculation.

In total, what I had uncovered was proof beyond all reasonable doubt that was going to totally rewrite the contemporary wisdom about Man's early history.  Finally, I found myself driven to pursue the physical technology to the point of producing a machine that would provide practical proof of my theories. Though still in development, I believe the machine technology is nearing the point of liftoff.

Taking time out to write up the paperwork I realised I had been overlooking what is arguably an even more significant discovery that needs to be checked out. Since this must be done by others I decided it was necessary to publish the whole site in support of my case. I have uncovered secondary evidence associated with the pyramids that only makes sense if the pyramids, as a secondary consequence of their operation, created highly significant and beneficial effects on their local climate.

These effects are entirely in keeping with the rest of the technology uncovered but are essentially a closely connected but secondary effect. However, with climate change a very real and very imminent threat, I believe these latest finds and the technology they appear to demonstrate are so significant they need to be made public as a matter of urgency. In this way others can either confirm or deny the apparently very real possibility of reversing or at least mitigating the worst effects of climate change.

I recommend starting at the beginning but working backwards is fine also. But whichever way you go, read and follow up on the evidence of climate change. I may be right or wrong but it needs to be checked out.

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