Noah and the Ubiquitous Flood

A Universal Legend

Traditional histories have long assumed that civilisations on different continents all evolved entirely separately and without contact of any kind. No written records of our ancient past have survived to confirm this but what we do have, are the stories passed down in the legends and mythology of every ancient race. These stories have now been collected together and compared and they reveal some surprises.Traditional theories must be seriously challenged when details of a specific story are found to be all-but identical all around the world.

As a prime example, early missionaries found the story of Noah’s Ark in ancient cultures all around the world. Names and significant features of the story are recorded in almost identical detail as far afield as China. the Middle East and Central and South America.

Logically, this is not the story of one Flood that covered the whole world, it is, quite obviously, the record of a flood whose story was transmitted around the world. A global flood might not be entirely impossible but no matter how well prepared anyone might be, the prediction (or worldwide reporting of) specific survivors would seem extremely unlikely without some advanced form of communication. To top

It might seem a subtle difference but it is extremely significant in any proof. How was such a story transmitted around the world with the immediacy and the exact common detail (such as might found in a modern newsflash) when, supposedly, there was no means available to achieve this high level of communication?
In ancient times there was no instant TV news, no wire services, no international press, so how was the story passed to all the corners of the world with such specific clarity and immediacy?

Simple logic would suggest the story would be unrecognisable unless it was made a part of a common history, recorded in writing. And yet, with no known writing or (apparent) means of communication, and despite being isolated and many thousand miles apart, the stories of Noah (in the bible) and Nu’ah (in Chinese legend) are unmistakably the same. The question must surely be, who had the communication system necessary to pass this story all around the world?

The Flood legend dates at least from ancient Babylon (c2700BC) and has been found by early Christian missionaries in up to 500 localities as far apart as China, Wales, Russia, India, America, Hawaii, Scandinavia, Sumatra, Peru, and Polynesia, to name but a few. In every region, the tales are quite remarkably similar. Only the most stubborn bigot would fail to recognise the very real likelihood that there must have been some form of communication between these people, no matter how unlikely that might seem. To top

On their own, legends and myths cannot be considered as conclusive proof of contact but when these stories are supported by strong physical evidence, then legends can become powerful corroboration. There is really no denying that at every locality, someone of considerable influence told these stories to the local people and also somehow persuaded them to build simple mastaba-type pyramids.
Then, presumably because of their success (and profitable?), the first simple mastaba was then repeatedly enlarged. The sequence suggests trade, and extremely profitable trade at that.

In each region, as they gained the promised returns, their motive to increase their profits inspired further development and pyramids sprung up all around the world. There is ample evidence of extravagant spending on palaces and temples to back up this general idea of extremely profitable trade.
Over the following centuries, thousands of pyramids were built and investment was made to improve the basic technology. In every region, the chronology differed but the general progress of development was always the same. But who was trading with whom and why, when there is no major evidence at all of any exchange of goods between the earthly nations involved during this period?
The only common partner that each and every nation claims, are the gods who came down from the heavens. In various ways, these mythical beings helped, advised, aided and, on a number of occasions, even destroyed entire local populations as is well recorded in the bible.

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