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Double takes and double meanings

Imagine the problems of trying to send a message through time. Not just a note to the milkman but a whole raft of serious messages that must be passed across a hundred generations and (hopefully) survive the rise and fall of nations. How do you package a message about survival and superior technologies in a way that will be recognised when the lights of intellect start to shine once more after a thousand or more years of darkness?

You can assume that you have people to help you with the distribution but you know (possibly from previous experience) that the message cannot last for much more than a century or so unless it is imbued with some very special purpose. You know that when you leave, as you must, the wonders of your technology will soon fade and die. They cannot possibly survive many centuries without your continued support.  To top

So how do you package that message to give it the best chance of surviving through to its intended recipients in a recognisable form when, to those in between who must pass it on, the message itself will amount almost to gobbledygook?

It's a game of "chinese whispers" on a truly millennium scale with possibly the future of a whole civilised world at stake. Get it wrong and a newly emerging civilisation might miss its chance. It could well squander all the resources of its home planet before ever making it into space. Get it right and the new species you have created from semi-aware cave men and spent so much time nurturing could (just possibly) join you as partners as you spread across the galaxy.

As you may have realised, the questions are largely rhetorical. The message I am referring to is now apparent in the Holy Bible, in the Koran and possibly in many other sacred texts. To top

The Standards of Proof

The evidence revealed on all the other pages of this site is evidence of fact, of real technologies and real science and of the possibilities of our civilisation surviving to reach the vast resources available in space, if only we can reach them before we have squandered forever our chance to do so.

The reconstruction here is mostly speculation, a best guess at the meaning behind it all, of the motives of our visitors and the rationale behind their actions

We are a civilisation on the edge. We have but a small chance of reaching our maturity as a species and none at all unless we can unravel the mysteries around us and develop our technology for good uses before we use it to engineer our own destruction. Predictably, it's a problem that has been faced many hundreds of times on different planets throughout the universe and the chances of us (or any emerging species) working through and surviving these challenges without help are possibly quite slim. To top

As I interpret the physical evidence in the Creation Scenario, it seems a quite real and defensible reconstruction but, without other clues, the ultimate motivation of our visitors remains in doubt. Only the secondary evidence, of legends and myths and scriptures could be said to give us some possible clues.

From a purely scientific point of view, written evidence, without a proven covenant, is inadmissible as proof. It may be powerful corroboration and it may assist in the discovery of that proof, but of itself it cannot be used directly. No matter how stridently believers might shout, this situation applies to the scriptures of Judaism, Christianity and Islam and all other apocryphal texts and also to most pictures and maps and hieroglyphs.

Unless the items contain evidence that could not otherwise be reasonably guessed at, imagined or deduced on a scale beyond all reasonable odds, then it is totally inadmissible in any role as final proof. To top

Admissible Evidence

Any highly rational being, attempting to enlighten someone in the distant future would know that (if it were to have any value at all) the recipient must be able to apply logic and the rules of evidence to test the value of the information. Therefore the message must be sculpted in such a way that it contains information that is undeniably the product of a highly intelligent and aware mind, and it must be evidence that could not be guessed at, imagined or deduced prior to that time. To top

Although it might seem a challenge, such evidence might include knowledge in a number of forms. Most obvious perhaps, would be a map of otherwise unknown or unexplored territories that reason insists could not possibly have been drawn up without some special knowledge. It might include evidence that the original writer had a deep insight and knowledge of some newly emerging technology that was still essentially unproven. As long as the depiction of data covered knowledge that was in no way predictable, then the evidence might just be acceptable as proof.

Of course, predicting in advance just what information would or could be recognised in this way would be extremely challenging but not, I suggest, impossible. To top

Revisiting Earlier Evidence

In my book, "Solar Power & Pyramids", (chaps 19 & 20), I investigate two quite remarkable examples of special knowledge that in no way could reasonably have been predicted.

The Piri Reis map details areas of the globe (ie Antarctica under the ice) completely unknown until long after the map's modern rediscovery. The projection of the map is also highly unusual and very evidential, as revealed in some detail in my second (22min) video , "Star of Bethlehem" (now videos 6 & 7), that investigate the links with biblical and other evidence . To top

A relief drawing, carved into the lid of Lord Pacal's sarcophagus at Palenque in Mexico is also discussed at length. When first introduced as evidence, author von Daniken made claims about his so-called "Spaceman of Palenque" that, at that time, could not reasonably be substantiated. He caused a major stir but for all the wrong reasons, and the evidence or, more correctly, his interpretation, was heavily and quite rightly canned at that time as being totally unprovable.

Now, with strong evidence of the technology now being available that exactly matches those extraordinary inscriptions, the Lord Pacal's hieroglyphs can truly be seen as extraordinarily powerful corroboration of the use of the technology of beamed energy propulsion. It seems it may have been all a matter of poor timing but at least the "Spaceman of Palenque" became quite famous. Now, having established a reasoned and defensible hypothesis maybe the spaceman, Lord Pacal, can come out of hiding to take his place along with some more quite extraordinary evidence. To top

Messages within the Scriptures

Though brought up in a Christian community, at a comparatively early age I found reasons to question the teachings and stories being preached from the pulpit. There was so much that was illogical, inconsistent or just plain odd. I was initially quite confused, only aware the evidence didn't add up. Perhaps contrarily, I refused to accept on faith alone something that didn't make any logical sense. Only very much later, as our technology advanced did the very real connections start falling into place. To top

From Adam to Abraham

The story of Adam and Eve got me started, for how could Adam's sons go and breed with other women, when they must be his sisters and incest was a sin, strictly forbidden by the bible? It just didn't make sense. In fact, the whole garden of Eden thing was decidedly weird.

The ages of the patriarchs also got me confused. Okay, so Adam lived to be 930 and Methuselah lived to 969 and Noah to 950, etc etc but why would anyone care? There were 7 patriarchs and they all lived around 800 years or over but why was it so important to record in such detail precisely how long they lived? What was the importance of the specific ages? The only exception among them was Enoch, who did not die but was 'translated' to heaven (at the age of 365)? To top

I could always sense there was some significance in this story by how it was being presented. Some clerics have argued it was all symbolic and it didn't really mean they lived that many years, that it was probably lunar months etc etc, but it still didn't make much sense. More recently, I learnt that after Noah, god decided to stop the longevity thing and the bible then lists the ages of Noah's descendents, with each new generation surviving only around a half the number of years of the one before. However, if the previous record was of months, not years, this second record turned the first one into nonsense. They couldn't both be right, or could they?

Not until genetics came to the fore did it all start to come together and possibly make some sense. The removal (or dilution) over a number of generation of a gene for longevity might quite reasonably have just this sort of effect. Taken together, the two stories now started to add up. To top


The story of Moses tells of his very personal communication with god, of the burning bush, the writing of the Ten Commandments and the golden idol. When Moses told his people of god's wrath at their behavior they wouldn't take his (Moses') word for it, they wanted to hear it from God directly.

In response, the Israelites were given instructions to build the Ark of the Covenant, through which they could inded hear the word of god directly. Today, the instructions to build the ark of the covenant are highly reminiscent of the instructions that might have come with a kit from Radio Shack. The similarity is quite extraordinary. However, putting them together, the two stories imply a further question.

The two stories quite clearly and specifically detail two quite different forms of communication, the direct method that god used to communicate with Moses, which might possibly be telepathy, and the system involving the ark of the covenant. Clearly, from the story, the ark demonstrated some form of technology. Was god communicating by radio? It seemed a possibility. To top

The Story of the Magi

This juxtaposition of one odd story to another is common throughout the Bible. A prime example from the New Testament might be the story of the Magi, the (three?) wise men from the East who first saw the Star of Bethlehem also rising in the east.

The strange star presumably passed overhead and the wise men then followed it, as it "went before them" each night, traveling west, until the star "stayed" over where the Christ child lay.

Here, once again, my sense of logic kicked in. If the star rose in the east, why did the wise men start traveling West and what is meant by the star "staying". Clearly there was something very different about this star that had caught their attention. And it certainly had nothing to do with the normal, nightly precession of the stars from east to west that any scholar (or a shepherd even) would have been fully aware of. To top

To me, this remained a mystery for many years. If my interpretation of the basic events was correct (no matter how crazy that might seem to others) it seemed obvious to me that the Star of Bethlehem was the alien spaceship arriving for another (possibly anticipated) visit. However, that of itself did not provide a sufficiently complete answer. The better answer only started to appear when I analysed the layout of the Necropolis at Saqqara which forced me to consider the mode of operation of a (single) space-based mother ship that, of necessity, must provide the widest possible global access.

A spacecraft approaching the solar system would almost certainly take advantage of planetary gravity assistance to slow the craft down*. To use this effect, it is necessary to join a solar orbit on the plane the planets share in their orbit around the sun. After braking maneuvers around Jupiter or Saturn and possibly Venus and/or Mars, it is probable the mother ship would enter Earth orbit remaining on the same plane. As it then slowed down to match the Earth's rotation in a 24hour, geosynchronous earth orbit (GEO), it would eventually join a geosynchronous earth orbit (GEO), but one on the solar plane, not on the plane of Earth's equator. This 24 hour orbit, tilted to the equator by 23.5o, I call a Geosynchronous Solar Orbit (GSO).

(*this is the obverse of the so-called "slingshot" effect, used to accelerate space probes on their journeys to the limits of the solar system). To top

As well as being easier to establish, a GSO would also have significant advantages for planetary access and, assuming the craft could be seen at all, it would present a distinctly unusual appearance from the ground, but only at night during the winter.

During the day, planetary orbital mechanics dictate that a satellite in a GSO would be lost in the glare, somewhere between the earth and the sun. In midsummer, the satellite would be overhead the summer tropic at midday, directly in line with the sun. This would be an ideal position to assist in solar-powered launches from the ground. It could also assist craft much further out from the equator. To top

However, it is in winter that the peculiarities of this orbit can best be appreciated in the context of the biblical story. In the same day as it serves the summer tropic at midday, the craft transits to the opposite (winter) tropic at midnight where it would disappear for about an hour as it passed through earth's shadow.

In the Eastern Mediterranean, in midwinter, the new star would first appear above the southern horizon at dusk. Over the next 6 hours, it would then head steadily north to a position almost overhead where its movement north would almost cease.

At half an hour before midnight, the craft, possibly not the brightest star in the sky (but certainly very noticable indeed to a regular star watcher) would suddenly disappear. Reappearing an hour later, it would then accelerate steadily southwards, to disappear once more at dawn over the southern horizon. To top

Every night through midwinter, the star would be seen to follow this same course, travelling north, staying for an hour, and then reappearing and heading back down south again. The movement, north and south, is totally contrary to the movement of all the other stars in the sky.

Of course, as it initially slowed to match earth's orbit, this star would move in from the east, passing over the heads of any observant oriental star-gazers who might be on the lookout for just such an event. Recognising the signs, they might well then follow on the ground below until they reached the point (ie the meridian) the craft was aiming to park over.

To be visible from the ground at all, any satellite or spacecraft at the GEO (or GSO) would need to be at least 100x larger than the International Space Station (ISS). However, since I am considering an interstellar craft, this size does not seem at all unlikely.

There are at least a dozen other stories in the old and new testament that raise similar interest and speculation. The include (amongst many others) the stories of Lot's wife and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Jesus' and Noah's conception, the Flood and the 'translation' of Enoch in the Old Testament. In the New testament, various miracles, the burial of Christ and the empty tomb and Christ's Ascension amongst others. To top

... and other Sources

I do not live by Islam but I acknowledge it's adherents and understand from the Koran, that Mohamed's departure into the heavens from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and many events in his life, might also rate a serious mention. The significance of the the Temple Mount to Islam is based on this legend. Was the Temple Mount a regular launch site? Was it also the departure point for Christ's Assention, and Enochs "translation"? It all would seem to add up.

Just another detailed account from the past of flying machines and visitors from the skies? To top

The Dead Sea Scrolls

Mention the Dead Sea scrolls and some religious devotees will start to squirm but the fact remains, the scrolls are some of the most ancient records known that are (very) reliably dated from around the time of Christ or a little earlier. The scrolls contain extraordinary documents, including the Book of Enoch, that had (apparently) been removed from the modern text of the Bible. Reading the translations, it is not hard to speculate why.

The Book of Enoch records, in clear and quite explicit detail, the details of the 'translation' of Enoch and his departure on a spacecraft with two angels. Some of his followers were reportedly turned to piles of white ash when they refused to leave the launch site when the craft took off. The similarity with the fate of Lot's wife (who was turned to a pillar of salt for looking when she was told to hide herself) cannot be easily dismissed. To top

Other stories leave little doubt they relate to an interstellar craft, visiting earth. Some of the crew are identifiably human, since 150 are reported to have mutinied, landed, and taken wives from among the local people. The miscreants are named and their occupations are listed, mostly as military experts, specialising in various martial arts. They were obviously the local version of shipboard marines.

These stories matched precisely with the hypothesis I had developed in my youth and there are many more that could be mentioned. I cannot say they are proof of anything but their number and detail all create a hauntingly familiar response.

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