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The Perfect Pyramid (2004)

Proof at Last. ALL pyramids are connected within one recently proven technology. From an entirely logical reassessment of the peerless work of Sir Flinders Petrie, founder of modern Egyptology, a hypothesis was born and a theory developed. After almost 50 years NASA has at last demonstrated the technology but only at 1/100,000 the scale demonstrated at Giza. The pyramid technology is based on using beamed energy, mainly microwaves but also direct solar energy. Every meticulous detail at pyramid sites all over our planet is readily included within these amazing revelations. This may be the most important book you will ever read, the one that reveals the answers to man’s oldest and most enduring quest, to know where we are from and where we are going, and how. 

Solar Power & Pyramids (2006)

 The PROOF at LAST. The proven connections between history, religion and science. A reconstruction based on forensic quality evidence, revealing the extraordinary technology that allowed the Gods to reach Earth and return to the heavens.

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1. {(video01)}  Rewriting History Part 1

The first video looks at some of the more extraordinary feats of our past that are clearly far beyond our present technology. After questioning why each is taken in isolation the extent and similarities of some little known pyramid groupings around the word are considered.

2. {(video02)}  Rewriting History Part 2

A look at the strong similiarites between all pyramids globally. The only real exception being that the Great pyramids in Egypt are clearly more accurate and more precise that all the others. Compelling evidence that this indicates the major pyramids in Egypt were simply a further refinement in pyramid techology introduced by the Pharaoh Sneferu. Sneferu, father of Khufu, (builder of the Great Pyramid of Giza) introduced the idea of using direct solar energy collected at the ground and it was this technical refinement that determined the need for exceptional precision and size.

3. {(video03)}  Part A of "Pyramidion"

Introducing the concept that all pyramids are evidence of the global use of Beamed Energy Launch Technology (BELT). The Great Pyramid became the key to unlocking the mystery simply because of its extreme perfection and precision.

Proof from NASA that BELT works using lasers and the pros and cons of using a solar or a solar/ microwave powered BELT system . A further assessment of the pros and cons of supplying microwave power for a BELT system from a Solar Space Power Satellite (SSPS) place in  either a Low Earth or a Geosynchronous earth orbit (LEO and GEO).

4. {(video04)}  Part B of "Pyramidion"

How BELT was applied at Giza - the evidence in support of the use of solar energy. The massive power available using solar but the inevitable need for additional microwaves for increased range. The extensive and extraordinary evidence at Teotihuacan in Mexico and Tiahuanaco in Bolivia of the use of microwaves and the massive scale of the microwave collector and delivery system at Teotihuacan.

5. {(video05)}  Part C of "Pyramidion"

Returning to Giza to examine the evidence that shows why the Great Pyramid needed to be built to the scientific precision of an optical instrument. The evidence and soms suggestions on how that accuracy was achieved using geopolymer technology.

6. {(video06)}  Part A of "Star of Bethlehem"

Scripture v Science. Compelling evidence that the practical description given of the behaviour of the Star of Bethlehem in the nativity story perfectly match what is now known of the techniques necessary for space navigation to a solar-oriented geosynchronous earth orbit, the most useful orbit for access (from space) to a broad range of earth latitudes.

7. {(video07)}  Part B of "Star of Bethlehem"

Scripture v Science.  Continuing analysis of the Star of Bethlehem story and the  introducion of the Piri Reis maps, compiled in 14th century and rediscovered in 1929 that apparently reveal a map of the north and south Atlantic and the Antarctic peninsula that could only have been oproduced from a solar-oriented GEO or Geo-solar orbit.

8. {(video08)}

My original Youtube video summarising videos 1-5.

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