Beamed Energy From the Ground Up

The Coanda Effect in action.

Aircraft developed by Astro Kinetics
of Houston Texas (c1964)

T/off-weight 1070lbs.
Power, 135hp Merc engine.


"The Source of all Knowledge"

Ultimately, this is a story of the solving of a complex puzzle, the story of why the pyramids were built, how they were built and the secondary effects that came as a direct result of their construction. It's a puzzle that would probably never have been solved in time (to be of use in possibly saving our civilisation) had it not been for the Great Pyramid and the detailed knowledge of scientific fact that was evident within the physical detail of its construction.

The physical details of the Great Pyramid and the story of how that knowledge came out but remained hidden for a further 100 years is covered in part in the sections on 'Archaeology' and 'Pyramid Power' Solving the puzzle to this stage has taken me 60 years, with the final and possibly most significant revelations about climate control only coming within the last few months. The pages in this section are primarily reprints of articles and pages of my earlier websites written over the last 10 years, the first, and the second ' To top

The websites were initially set up to publicise the data in my books, "The Perfect Pyramid" (c2002) and "Solar Power & Pyramids".(c2004). With no qualifications to back me, since that time I have gradually come to the realisation that if the full technology was going to be recovered any time soon, I would have to be the one to do it. However, with limited funding, progress in the practical demonstration of this technology has been relatively slow and the global importance of my discoveries has escalated exponentially, revealing the truth of the legendary claim that the Great Pyramid really is "the Source of all Knowledge". To top

Rebuilding an ancient technology

The use of advanced technologies is demonstrated by the intermittent building of pyramids over a period of at least five thousand years before the technology was finally lost in the Dark ages around 1100AD. Who was responsible for the redevelopment of the technology on at least a dozen occassions and why it was finally lost is not relevant at this time. What is relevant is that there was much to learn from a proper study of the remains at sites like Giza and Teotihuacan.

At every site, worship of the sun's power is totally evident as is the extraordinary scale of construction. Pyramids were commonly built in a scaled series of sizes that repeatedly doubled in their dimensions. The Great Pyramid at Giza is ~230m at its base, the White Pyramid in China and another in Peru were close to 500m at the base.

As the total number of pyramids within a region increased, they supported an ever-larger pyramid at the regional centre. Major pyramids in these centres commonly show evidence of having been repeated enlarged 5 or 6 times with the surrounding regions in some instances supporting up to 20,000 pyramids in total. All of these facts are in keeping with buildings that are serving a growing practical role. The preconception that tombs or mausoleums would be repeatedly enlarged over many decades way is simply not rational.  To top

Only now, at the beginning of the Third Millennia, has our technology once again reached a point we can fully appreciate how the Ancients controlled the most energetic forces of nature to power aircraft with the ability to travel around the world and even into space. With irrefutable evidence available of an ancient technology clearly based on the use of the sun's power on a scale we can still barely imagine, that knowledge is key to our past, our present and our future. To top

"There's nothing new under the sun."

With energy supplied in a variety of ways  five aircraft have flown within the last 100 years that have some unique bearing in this research, each machine in its own way demonstrating something of the principles involved. There are also a number of natural phenomena especially relevant in piecing together the main technology behind the global construction of pyramids
Each of these phenomena (seen in Nature in a variety of combinations) has a role to play in the development of a far more effective and efficient aircraft. To top

Vortex Amplification

We are all familiar with the fact that storms are immensely powerful and are driven by solar energy. How Nature pulls the trick of amplifying a small energy differential into the most powerful force of Nature is basic to 'How the weather works' and to this newly recovered technology

We are all familiar with dust devils and with smoke rings, those intriguing self-sustaining rings that smokers sometimes demonstrate as a party trick to amuse children. Smoke rings are more correctly known as Hemholtz rings and they can be formed in any fluid combination of gases and liquids. When they are created as vapour in the air, these simple vortexes and vortex rings engage the additional water/vapour phase-change phenomena and become the major driving force of our weather. These vortex phenomena are common in Nature from dust-devils in your backyard up to and including the size of the largest hurricane or cyclone. There is also good evidence they might even include the global circulation of our weather within each hemisphere.

When any circulating column of air or liquid forms a whirlpool or vortex, the pressure is lowered at the center of rotation. A lowering of pressure means a consequent lowering of temperature and pressure; temperature and pressure are inextricably linked.

As anyone who has ever used a bicycle pump can attest, compressing air causes it to heat up. When the pressure is released, the temperature will drop back. Should heat be lost from the air while it is compressed, when that pressure is released once more, the temperature of the air will drop back to well below its starting point. This natural reaction of expansion and collapse can be triggered both ways in a positive feedback cycle by suddenly inducing changes in pressure as they occur within a vortex. To top

Storms, Cyclones, Tornados and Waterspouts

These interactions of temperature and pressure are basic to understanding the mechanics of vortexes in creating our weather. This type of phase-change reaction is also basic to any refrigeration process and can be made to work equally well in either direction, to heat or to cool. The creation of a vortex naturally lowers the pressure and temperature of the air within that vortex. That air can then absorb heat from it surroundings. When the pressure is then returned back up to normal, the air will then be much hotter than it started out, causing ot to turn into an expanding vapour. See "How the weather works" for more detail. To top

The dust devil, twister, (tornado funnel) and water spout are all forms of the linear vortex. They can be created in a number of ways but how they behave depends largely on what is driving them. The linear vortex is stable only when it is vertical with the colder end of the column pointed downwards. They are the most intensely powerful atmospheric phenomena known and can produce core pressures >10% (100mb) lower than the surrounding atmosphere. Linear vortexes turn vapour into water that becomes visible as the vortex funnel. They generate enormous energy but they have no mechanism to store or further amplify that power. The 10%  pressure drop, not uncommon in large tornados, represents a lifting force of up to 1000kg/m2 (~200lb/ft2), easily enough to lift a roof, from a house, a car and even whole buildings. Waterspouts and supercell tornados can generate quite spontaneously, especially in still conditions with a high relative humidity.

if only the intense power of the tornado could be harnessed...

Major cyclonic storms are driven by the coming-together of multiple basic thunderstorms. Each individual storm is initially driven by a horizontal ring vortex (HRV), driven internally by convection. The more common of  two possibilities, the internally-driven CRV is driven  by convection occurring upwards through the vortex core. It is the main driving force of ALL major storm activity. However, when multiple storms come together they can trigger cyclone formation by creating an inverted HRV, driven by convection that is EXTERNAL to the vortex core. This inverted ring vortex, the IRV, then forms the eye and eye wall of a cyclone and uniquely draws on energy from two unique sources, Compressed dry cold air from the Stratosphere, heated adiabatically, and vapour from the surface of the sea.

The IRV of a cyclone is the most powerful and stable vortex phenomena and remains so for as long as the IRV, heart of the storm remains over warm open ocean waters. To top

The Coanda effect

Early in the 20th century, Henri Coanda, a Romanian inventer and aviation pioneer, investigated the predisposition of a flowing liquid or gas to attach itself to a curved surface. Named in his honour, the Coanda Effect, his observations provided the first technical basis toward understanding the means of extracting significant lift from a flow of air or water. Bernoulli's Principle is now a more widely accepted theory applied to the production of lift in pure airfoils but the Coanda Effect is still commonly used as applying to the flow of incompressible liquids.

In 1935, Henri Coanda developed a successful flying model, the Aerodina Lenticulara, based on his interpretation of these effects. Others too have produced flying machines based largely on his work. Reports on the Astro Kinetics machine were particularly impressive (see photo heading). Had it preceeeded the introduction of Sikorski's helicopter it might well have become the dominant VTOL technology. As it is, the Coanda effect can still be incorporated in my ACE mechanism. To top

Since it might reasonably be claimed that neither the Coanda Effect nor Bernoulli's Principle fully explain the full range of these effects within a vapour, I have directed my research (toward developing an ecologically clean and practical aircraft) on the practical machines themselves, avoiding debate about theory and relying on proven, practical flight demonstrations as made by the real, practical pioneers of aviation like Henri Coanda , Viktor Schauberger (Repulsine, modeld 'A' and 'B') and Leik Myrabo (Lightcraft). To top

Thunder and Lightning

There are two main forms of lightning and the difference between them is critical to understanding the forces involved and how they might effectively be controlled. Although not yet incorporated in my recovery of this technology so far, there are good reasons to suspect that lightning may well come to play a role since the vaporisation of water is very much a part of the phenomena under consideration. However, it this point in time, the potential power of lightning is more of a risk to be avoided by suitably earthing the various components.

Putting the Combinations together

In both forms, (IRV and CRV) the Horizontal Ring Vortex (HRV) undoubtedly formed the basis of this ancient technology as it applied within the atmosphere. The automatic, self starting, passive CRV, forms the basis of the power supply technology that motivated the building of the pyramids. However, it appears that only in the small number of 'true' pyramids in Egypt was direct solar ever used exclusively on a significant scale as the primary source of power. Far more commonly, the craft use microwaves, a more versatile medium than either lasers (as used by Myrabo) or direct sunlight. To top

The linear vortex has limited use in a sustained energy cycle but can be used as a transducer to create a waterspout to extract vapour and thus energy from the sea or other source of warm water for power production, storm mitigation or rain creation.

It is the HRV phenomena in both the natural and inverted form that is the basis of the energy transducer technology. The CRV created naturally by pyramids but further enhanced, provided the means by which the power from the pyramids was converted to useful purposes in weather control. The more energetic IRV is better suited for power production and powering aircraft.

As the main power amplifier, the HRV in its inverted form, as seen in the eye of a cyclone, is undoubtedly the vortex combination with the greatest potential since it aligns all the relevant forces to act together in the most effective way possible.

I have further developed the use of the IRV in a more controlled and controllable way. I have named it the Atmosphric Cyclone Engine or ACE mechanism. It is based on but is not identical to the IRV found in Nature.  It  uses a similar mechanism to that which triggers a cyclone genesis but is retained as the mechansim to control the IRV in powering an entirely new type of aircraft with almost unlimited potential. To top

A Word of Warning

Only in the IRV do adiabatic forces, phase-change phenomena and convection all act together to assist vortex rotation. And only by controlling the various factors and airflow is it possible to prevent a possible runaway effect once the machine is started. Fortunately, this is relatively easy in a properly designed machine, once the danger is realised.

It is considered highly unlikely, except in strictly controlled circumstances, that the IRV trigger mechanism would be used to directly trigger a cyclone since, once formed, a cyclone could get out of control and continue to grow. Should this happen it would only break-up when it crossed a coastline or a large patch of very cool water. However, the creation of a small cyclone could be envisaged as a useful technique to kick-start a climate variation program along extremely dry coastlines and it remains an option in special circumstances. To top

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