The 'True' or Solar Pyramids

Sunlight reflected from heliostats
How the pyramid collected and redirected sunlight to power aircraft


Precision in stone

It is widely accepted that pyramids, and the Great Pyramid in particular, had a strong link with worship of the sun or with heavenly or solar power and the specific link to solar energy technology became apparent to me (50 years ago) when first I read C.P Smyth's "Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid".

The extraordinary precision and the slight but clearly defined concave shape of each face suggested an optical reflecting instrument with a very specific role. I finally realised there was only one way for that specific shape to work that made any sense at all.

The fact the Great Pyramid was millimeter accurate and almost certainly sheathed in gold defined it as something special. Every face would reflect sunlight with as much precision as was technically feasible. Since the whole structure was more accurate by far in its construction than any other building in human history, it meant that its specific shape was of some very special significance. To top

Mirrored Perfection

It is a matter of record* that the four faces of the Great Pyramid were slightly concave, like a giant focussing mirror magnifier. The Bent pyramid and Red Pyramid that immediately preceeded the Great Pyramid were named "The Shining Pyramids", suggesting they too were once polished and sheathed in gold. The question was "Why and what possible purpose could it serve?"
*Major surveys, by Smyth (1864), Petrie (1881/2) and Cole (1925) all confirm the basic facts of its construction

It seemed the pyramids were built to somehow control or redirect sunlight. And logically, the only possible answer that would include all four sides was if they reflected sunlight from a surrounding field of heliostat mirrors. The light  from the heliostats would shine onto the four faces of the pyramid and create a combined beam of sunlight pointing directly upwards. To top

Megawatts of Power

The power available from the collector area defined by the design and features of the whole complex was certainly in the hundreds, and potentially in the thousand Megawatt range. Even by the most conservative estimate, at just 1% collection efficiency, the power directly available as a combined beam of sunlight at the tip of the pyramid would be more than 200Mw, easily enough to power a fair-sized modern city, a massive aircraft, or possibly even the launching of a spacecraft. To top

von Daniken's 'Spaceman of Palenque'
An engineering Schematic of a spacecraft?

It remains to be fully proven but the evidence accumulating over the last 50 years has continued to check-out to the point I am now close to finalising the redevelopment of the physical technology used by the basic aircraft. I have been aided in this by another enigmatic cryptogram half a world away, from the Pyramid of Inscriptions at Palenque in Mexico.

The idea proposed, that the Great Pyramid was built to supply solar power to air and (presumably) spacecraft seemed so incredible that no one wanted to know and my theory was dismissed almost without consideration by everyone I approached. Undeterred, I worked out the details of the energy supply and am now close to completing the development of the associated technology within the aircraft and am once again faced with a dilema. How much of this technology should be made public ASAP and how much must I develop further, if only to see it proven through to the end? To top

Solar Theory Confirmed

At every location, the design, size, layout, alignment and the emerging chronology of pyramid construction have all continued for 50 years to confirm conclusions reached so many years before but the reaction I've got from others  proved to me I needed a physical demonstration of some facet of my discoveries as absolute proof positive.

However, the climate control data is something relatively new and something that could be of immense importance in defining a solution in the climate debate. It is also something that could be followed up by others without impinging in any way on my primary interest, the aviation aspects of BE propulsion technology. To top

Once the basic key was discovered, the pyramids at Giza defined a form of solar technology unmistakeable in its purpose. It was designed to launch air and space craft. However using directly reflected solar energy as a power source requires a pyramid with very precise and accurate mirrored surfaces and even then has a strictly limited range. As a strictly low-tech option, direct sunlight has enormous potential for producing an incredible quantity of heat and would seem ideal to supply massive power over an extremely limited range, as the equivalent to the First Stage in convention rocket terminology.

Solar energy has the potential to boost a craft at enormous acceleration but only within the limits of the lower atmosphere, using atmospheric vapour as the reactant medium. However, if solar were used to its maximum, the implication had to be the pyramid was designed for use on a pressurised aircraft going well into the upper atmophere or beyond. The large solar contribution would have boosted lift-off and exponentially increased the total payload capacity but it would not have totally avoided the need for microwave power for longer range flights either within the atmosphere or into space which, from all the details on the ground, has always seemed the ultimate destination. To top

If the craft was flying between destinations on earth, there had to be a pyramid at that destination for sending the craft back home. The fact there was never another pyramid associated with any major Egyptian pyramid complex within reasonable range strongly suggested the primary destination was into space to meet a visiting craft in earth orbit.

For any long-range flight.a second, long-range power source, presumably microwaves, must also inevitably have supplied energy to power the craft beyond the range of a direct solar beam to keep the craft accelerating out to the GEO orbit.

At Giza, sunlight would have supplied >80% of the energy needed by the Great Pyramid for a ‘maximum-acceleration’ launch through the earth’s lower atmosphere. The high power output available from the major pyramids made it possible to take maximum advantage of the vapour freely available in the air as an entirely free reactant. With sunlight supplying the primary power, microwaves, or (just possibly) lasers, supplied the power needed beyond the (very limited) range of the direct solar beam. Even a relatively small solar pyramid would have been sufficient to give an unpressurised aircraft a range of 300km or so, so again the "Great " pyramids indicate a space destination. To top

Solar for Independence

Briefly, it seems the introduction of the “true” pyramids gave the Egyptians the first totally independent, ground-based launch system on our planet. Their solar-powered system was also the means of supplying high-grade, entirely free energy for local and regional flight. With more than a dozen small launch/repeater stations all along the Nile valley, high speed regional communication became possible for perishable, high value cargo or for the personal use of the elite. The availability of a high-speed transport system entirely explains the otherwise incomprehensibly massive expansion of agriculture that occurred around this time. (as described in "The Complete Pyramids" (1997), by Mark Lehner.) Logically, there can be no purpose in growing produce along 800km of the Nile valley if you have no way to get that produce to market before it perishes.

The later investigation of evidence from Teotihuacan expanded my understanding of the whole system. The mica found at Teotuihuacan also provided almost irrefutable proof of the highly sophisticated use of microwaves. Indeed, the evidence at Teotihuacan eventually put the evidence in Egypt virtually in the shade. But with the technology precisely spelt out, the only question remaining was "Does any one want to know about it?". And to date the answer has been 'apparently not'. To top

In actual fact, the reason for this apparent disinterest is not so difficult to appreciate. Having become an icon of mystery and superstition it was the superstition about pyramids and "pyramidiots" that as much as anything has helped to keep the secret hidden. Although the majority are happy to have a little mystery and magic as a solution to their various woes, scientists in general become phobic at any hint of 'myth' or 'legendary knowledge'. They prefer to deal with facts and strenuously dismiss any hint of superstition. They also dismiss anything that seems a little bit weird or extremist and in this case of course that just happens to include the pyramids and my theory.

Thus, the truth has continued to lie hidden just beneath the surface as it has for many centuries. It is still unrecognised largely because the very real technology involved was created on a scale still far beyond what even the most enthusiastic space scientists have been able to envision or in some cases, comprehend. To top

Although the basic technology (of Beamed Energy Propulsion) has now been rediscovered and is proven as feasible, it is still extremely difficult to establish the links with the past, simply because of this aura of superstition. When it eventually happens, the truth revealed will be seen as all that everyone had ever hoped for but also feared beyond belief. The truth of our past can be deciphered from the knowledge revealed in the pyramids but it takes a little time and a little patience and perhaps an open and enquiring mind to accept it as even possible.

In my eyes, it seems that all the legends, myths and scriptures are based on truth but, because the evidence has come from a very simplistic and naïve third party perspective, the general perception is slightly distorted and often very biased. Rationally, this is exactly what one would expect from the original naive and gullible witnesses who first recorded the original visits from space. To top

It is always a problem with witness statements that they are essentially hearsay and can never be used as primary evidence in any scientific reconstruction. However, those same witness reports can provide powerful corroboration in support of solid evidence of fact. The physical evidence of fact, together with the tests being made,would now seem to give me a real chance of final success.

The scriptures, legends and myths of 5000 years all claim visits by gods or aliens from the heavens above. From my perspective, wherever they were from, those beings must have used a practical technology to achieve their ends. That technology, I believe, is now within our grasp.

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