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The Hurricane or Cyclone - the Ultimate global source of energy

Putting the Pieces Together


Research Background

Only in the last 20 years have we started to seriously investigate the large-scale use of solar technology and in real terms, have previously had no inkling about how Solar may have been used in the distant past. Indeed, only with the recent application of reverse engineering has it become possible to reconstruct what would seem to be a major missing chapter of our history and, in doing so, solve some of the oldest of human mysteries.

Archaeologists have long accepted a connection between the Pyramids and sun worship or, more specifically, with solar energy and/or power. My own analysis went somewhat further. It confirmed to my satisfaction at least, the direct and dedicated use of solar energy on a scale beyond anything yet seen in modern imes. This site and the mechanisms I am now developing have directly resulted from that reconstruction. To top

Solar Two, Barstow, California
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My personal reconstruction of this ancient technology began in my teens with the 1865 (1st Edition) best-seller "Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid", by CP Smyth. Specifically in the 1st Edition of his book*, Smyth revealed many extraordinary details about the pyramid and defined the external structure as being accurate to "within 8 inches" (200mm) and elsewhere as of 'scientific precision'. [* The now commonly available (1874) 3rd edition of the same name is largely a diatribe against his detractors, primarily WMF Petrie. It contains almost none of the original workings]

Although mightily impressed with much of the physical detail described, I became aware of what I considered as massive errors in Smyths conclusions and arguments that caused me to abandon his work as a source of reference.

Only in 2001 did I come upon the (1883) work by WMF Petrie, "The Pyramids and Temples at Gizeh" that effectively set the matter straight. It seems, a hundred years before I began my investigation into the ancient mysteries, Petrie had also expressed grave concerns regarding Smyth's work and had determined at age 13 to gain the skills and qualifications necessary to prove Smyth wrong. The fact that Petrie, undoubtedly a child genius, was beholden to Smyth as his parent's closest friend posibly makes for a drama worthy of a book in its own right. The story of this extraordinary conflict, the cover-ups and the possibly historic ramifications of these events is discussed elsewhere on this site in "The Greatest Fraud in History?"

In my second book Solar Power and Pyramids (2004, avail at ) I showed the Great Pyramid as almost certainly a part of a system designed to produce a vertical beam of reflected sunlight from a field of heliostats surrounding the pyramid, somewhat like the Solar Two installation in California but with a polished and mirrored pyramid at the centre of the field and not simply a Power Tower.

To develop my hypothesis, that pyramids were esssentially about controlling beamed energy in various forms,  made  a collective study of all  pyramids the next obvious step. All their available details like size, proportions, ratios, orientation, location, number, global distribution, design and chronology  became highly relevant and the subject of further study, leading to my second book,  "Solar Power and Pyramids" (, 2006). As discussed in more detail elsewhere on this site, my conclusions then led me to work on how energy produced by the pyramids might have been used. To top

Multiple Energy Sources

Just as clear as the use of direct sunlight as the primary source of energy at Giza was the fact that the (dozen or so) 'true' pyramids in egypt, although unique but were still clearly linked in numerous ways with all other pyramids both in Egypt and around the globe. Chronological evidence and evidence from all other pyramids showed that most, if not all used another  type of beamed energy, almost certainly microwaves. This second energy source was clearly introduced long before the development of the (solar powered) 'true' pyramids at Giza and simple deduction from their sizes ratios showed that, to produce comparable results, this second source of beamed energy  must have been received at the ground at an energy/density approximately four times greater than solar.

It seemed at that time that the use of direct solar was a specific application developed in Egypt, almost certainly to give the Egyptians a totally independed launch capability. My more recent research suggests the egyptians also became aware of the significant, secondary role these structures could provide and sought to (also) maximise thei use in climate control. Either way, it is possibly immensely fortunate that the Great Pyramid defined the various aspects of this unique technology as it does for otherwise it's recovery may never have happened. To top.

The use of microwaves was confirmed by evidence at Teotihuacan where mica (almost exclusively used as an electrical insulator) was found lining immense tunnels, 45m-90m wide. The height of the tunnels is not on record but the presence of 3m high sluices spanning the width of the tunnels rather indicates the tunnels were up to 6m high. Significantly, the mica lining the tunnels was 300mm thick suggesting the waveguide may have carried microwaves at an  energy density possibly as high as 1Mw/m2.

Apochryphal evidence in Sanskrit texts from India, suggested a further radio-active energy source was also used on occasions. These ancient texts describe the servicing of four different types of aircraft, collectively known as Vimana. One story describes in some detail how heavily clad men carried  a heavy cauldron on long poles and installed it into a craft. The cauldron reportedly gave off the 'vapours of mercury' and was clearly considered dangerous. The ancient story would seem to precisely fit recent developments at JPL of the possible use of xray-excited hafnium to power a modern unmanned aircraft. To top

The one common feature across all of this apochryphal but compelling evidence was the (apparent?) use of beamed energy. With such a wide and eclectic range of subjects and sources, it seemedi I had two options for proving my case and since my lack of qualifications made a purely academic approach unlikely to succeeed, I chose the direct and more practical method. Over the past 10 years I've slowly developed a deeper knowledge of the evidence, sufficient to allow me to attempt to physically prove the technology I'd uncovered.

It has taken longer than anticipated but has revealed far more than I had ever anticipated but I believe I'm now close to final success in revealing a whole technology entirely new to our modern world but used across the world by different cultures over a period of around 5000 years. To top

Beamed Energy in the Modern Era

In 1997, the development by NASA of the Lightcraft (see pic) introduced the use of lasers, bringing to four the number of beamed energy sources possibly involved. Each has its pros and cons and, (aside from  Xrays), all could be used on a mix-and-match basis to power what were clearly very versatile aircraft. The one thing not defined with any clarity, was how the raw energy was used within the craft to produce both lift and thrust.

The flight of NASA’s tiny laser-powered Lightcraft firmed up many options  and made possible a number of additional comparisons and deductions. To top

Lasers - a Distance Option

In the event, (to my satisfaction at least) the Lightcraft proved two things .

1. That the direct use of lasers might indeed be ideal in space where nothing could match their range but within earth’s atmosphere lasers did not come even close to matching the data deduced from my earlier study of the pyramids.

2. That the in-craft flight technology was the clear stumbling block in proving the past use and future potential of this remarkable lost technology. To top

With four possible means of using beamed energy to power an aircraft, my attention was for some time focussed  on determining the best way forward. I finally decided to develop the basic, onboard technology first and leave to later the options available of powering the craft with beamed energy. I am now close to proving the principles involved of using a novel vortex-driven heat pump technology largely deduced from a variety of ancient sources.

However, what I had failed to appreciate until quite recently was that I was not only recovering a new type of (potentially) remotely-powered aircraft but also the keys to a totally unlimited source of free, clean energy and the means of passively controlling the excesses of our weather. To top

Getting the Vapours.

From other lines of enquiry developed 50 years ago, I had long believed steam and vortexes and the phenomena of the weather were a more-than-promising prospect for supplying the answers needed regarding the onboard technology. I thus turned to practical research to mimic the vortex phenomena identified in major storms, cyclones and tornados.

It being obvious that water vapour was a key ingredient of every storm, I very shortly hit upon the role of the horizontal ring vortex (HRV) as Nature's natural amplifier. This proved a key discovery but it took many test rigs and models before I finally discovered how best to apply the many different factors involved.  To top

Also critical, was the realisation there was not one but two primary amplifiers, the ubiquitous NRV and the IRV or inverted vortex of the cyclone's eye. Nature applied these ring vortex phenomena in different ways to harness and amplify the energy in different types of storm. This led to a fuller understanding of how storms worked and of how linear vortexes came to expend the energy collected when the ring vortexes finally broke up.  Put together in different ways, I believe these naturally occurring vortex mechanisms fully explain the behavior of the many different types of storm.

As Nature's subtleties have revealed themselves over the last 3 years I have gradually refined the methods and techniques needed to maximise my results. In the event, two quite separate phenomena have emerged, each with its own distinct benefits, characteristics and applications. To top

The Keys to Climate Control?

However, in the process of bringing my research notes up to date, a further implication of my discoveries became apparent that I had previously largely ignored. The evidence of widespread irrigation projects surrounding all major pyramid complexes around the world was a strong indication (that) the pyramids themselves controlled the weather in some significant way.

My original research had indicated the pyramids produced a vertical beam of energy that was collected and used by special aircraft as their source of motive power. I had thus always been aware there was potential for these beams to produce usable power but now I realised that at every known site for which data was available, the building of pyramids had also (apparently) produced highly significant and entirely beneficial effects upon both the local and regional weather. And when the pyramids fell into disrepair the weather slowly reverted to what it had been before human intervention. To top

It was abundantly clear from the evidence at major sites that the climate had become drier and that prime farming land had turned to desert once the pyramids were abandoned. It was however, a significant leap to appreciate it was the building of the pyramids that had made the land fully arable in the first place. However, once that realisation was considered, the evidence in support was all around at every site.

It has long been assumed that it was climate change that forced the abandonment of the pyramid communities but the evidence supports an alternative conclusion, that it was the abandonment of the pyramids that allowed the climate to revert back to what it basically had been before they were built. And  the evidence would seem to apply in both climatic extremes. To top

Modifying Major Storms.

The evidence is by no means complete but it may well be possible to prevent or at least mitigate the frequency and power of tornados across the central states of the USA.  A growing library of evidence would seem to confirm that as 10's of 1000's of pyramids were removed over the last 50 years, catastrophic tornados have been occurring with escalating power and frequency.

With a growing appreciation of the effects created by pyramids and an apparently viable mechanism identified it seems more than mere chance that the two are connected. A simple demonstration can easily show that pyramids act as a natural focus for the formation of thermal updrafts. Strong thermal updrafts are the natural trigger mechanism for horizontal Ring vortexes (HRV's) and the subsequent event of storm formation. To top

It can also be easily shown that these effects can very simply be signifificantly enhanced  by providing a shallow, water-filled moat around the base of the pyramid. A walled enclosure can also act to enhance the effects by containing the sun's heat and so raising the water's temperature and increasing evaporation. Focussing the suns heat onto the pyramid will also help, either by increasing heat storage and/or by generating a vertical reflected beam of energy as apparently occurred at Giza.

Records show that around 95% of the 20,000 small pyramid mounds surrounding Poverty Point in Louisiana, have been removed by farmers in search of potentially valuable native indian burial goods. A similar story pertains in Illinois around Monks Mound. The assumption these pyramidal structures were purely burial mounds has largely been discredited as few have revealed any burial goods at all.

Whatever their original purpose it seems reasonable to argue these mounds acted to trigger hundreds of smaller storms and so reduced the energy buildup higher in the atmosphere that would otherwise have caused a far larger storm. The removal of the pyramids would of course have the opposite effect. To top

Producing Regular Rain in Natural Deserts.

A cold offshore ocean current has a powerful effect on coastal climate as the cold water greatly reduces to a minimum the evaporation necessary to produce rain. The effects is most notable along the west coasts of Australia, South Africa and South America, where global currents carry arctic waters northward toward the equator.

In South America especially, the Andes act to reinforce the effects, making this coastal region one of the driest places on earth. Furthermore, there is no reason at all to suppose the Humboldt current that causes the effects in south America has in any way changed its course in the last 10,000 years, so why has the climate changed so dramatically to leave at least 6 major pyramid cultures high and dry in the most arid of desert-like conditions? If the current is the major influence on local weather and the current hasn't changed, then why the change in climate?

A very similar picture emerges in Egypt and in the socalled 'fertile cresent' of Sumer or Mesopotamia (now Iraq and Iran) where naturally dry regions once covered with pyramids or mastabas were the breadbasket of their world.The evidence at Giza of continuous heavy rain is mentioned elsewhere and backs up my conclusions that the pyramids were largely responsible for the changes that have occurred. To top

Consistent Benefits.

It has long been assumed that ancient cultures globally evolved in strict isolation and each has been studied, based on this assumption. Evidence of pyramid-building has been found globally but has been taken as nothing more than a strange coincidence. My finding have emerged largely by taking a holistic approach to the evidence from the past

Further evidence from every site very rapidly established the possibility I was looking at, not only a new type of aviation and a new new source of clean energy but also a means of controlling the weather. However, even more was to come. Extrapolating further from my simple models produced a further unsettling picture; that global warming in the Northern Hemisphere may well be driving the emergence of a new Ice Age. Fortunately, it would seem that prompt action could allow us to avoid the worst of those effects. (see ‘Climate Control’, ‘How the Weather Works’ and ‘A Global Threat’).


"Solar Power & Pyramids"More detail about the connection between pyramids and energy is covered in my 2004 book, 'Solar Power and Pyramids' at and under "Previous Discoveries" elsewhere on this site.


[1] Reverse engineering is a process of forensic reconstruction whereby the true purpose of an object can be defined from the specific physical detail and precision of just a small isolated part of the whole.

[2]The name of this noted prof of Egytpology is withheld to spare them embarrassment.

[3] See 'The Greatest Fraud in History?" also on this site. The findings of (later Sir) Flinders Petrie were confirmed later by J.H.Colea in a further survey carried out on behalf of the Egyptian government in 1925.

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