On Recovering Lost Technologies


My Personal Quest

From an early age I applyied the techniques of forensic reconstruction to the evidence from numerous ancient sites and so predictd the discovery of a number of long lost technologies, including rock geopolymers and formwork techniques and Beamed Energy Launch Technology using lasers or microwaves.  These finds built on theories developed in my youth about the true purpose of the 50,000 known pyramids built prior to recorded history.

My theory, initially developed around 1957, was that all the ancient pyramids were somehow linked to a previously unrecognised solar-based energy technology that powered aircraft using beams of solar energy, lasers and/or microwaves supplied by the pyramids in a variety of ways.

What I did not fully appreciate until far more recently was the full scope and incredible importance of the technology I was uncovering. I now know that the aircraft application, although  a massive advance on our present technology was still only the the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Far more significant, is that this ancient technology was and is entirely based on the ability to mimic Nature to totally control and harness the phenomena we glibly recognise as the weather.

No one can deny that the ability to control  and harness the power available in the atmosphere, as seen in every storm, would be the most important breakthrough in  science in the modern era. The fact that this technology is not new is of little significance compared to what it has to offer.  To top

The First Glimmer of Light

The first lasers were produced shortly after my first epiphany and the development of microwaves as a practical technology came somewhat later. My theory was fully vindicated In 1997, when beamed energy was first used to power an aircraft, albiet a tiny model. I believe it now entirely provable that beamed energy technology is the key to solving many mysteries of our distant past and is indeed absolutely crucial to our immediate and future survival as an advancing civilisation.

In a nutshell, the true pyramids of Egypt were primarily about harnessing solar energy from the vapour held naturally within the atmosphere. When that vapour is condensed in a storm by the action of vortexes, latent heat is released and can be usefully harnessed. Since natural processes rapidly re-establish the normal humidity balance, it is entirely possible to use this technology to extract energy at any time, anywhere on our planet within the tropopause or lower atmosphere. To top

A Maze of Complex Alternatives

However, whilst the primary use of the technology was initially to launch aircraft, the vertical beam also served to significantly change local weather by creating significant rainfall. Evidence at Giza suggests that various structural features surrounding the pyramids were quite deliberately designed to maximise the creation of vortex phenomena identical to those seen in storms, tornados and cyclones.

These solar-powered phenomena are commonly triggered quite naturally in every type of storm and are vastly more efficient at extracting energy from the atmosphere than anything yet available within our present technology. The lost technology of the pyramids is thus key to usefully harnessing the power of hurricanes and other major storms.

The final stage of recovering these lost technologies was achieved by replicating the phenomena as closely as possible until I finally understood what was happening in different types of storms. I have since been able to develop techniques that will ultimately make it possible to control the weather as well as supply unlimited usable energy and fresh water directly from the atmosphere. To top

The Basis is Energy

When fully developed this New Age (but ancient) technology will totally eliminate our present dependancy on fossil fuels. We will also gain an entirely new type of super-efficient aircraft with totally unheard-of capabilities in speed, load, range and point-to-point versatility.

The recovered technology has the potential to solve both global warming and all our energy woes many times over and the ability also of a tornado, to lift massive structures far more efficiently than anything available within our present aviation technology.

The solution has come in 3 main stages by combining ancient evidence with knowledge of emerging technologies across an eclectic range of subjects. Each discovery is essentially independent but it was only in combining them that the final revelations surfaced. The significance of certain details necessitates a broad understanding of a number of apparently unrelated specialist disciplines that may possibly be beyond the range of general knowldege for many readers. To top

Presenting the Evidence

For this reason, around '05, I found it necessary to develop a series of 3 videos as lecture aids that covered most of the basic supporting information in the shortest and simplest way I knew how. In  '07, I posted a highly summarised version of the evidence on Youtube (video 8) and in  '09  I divided the original 3 videos  into 7 sub-sections for viewing on YouTube (Videos 1-7). These are all now presented sequentially on my YouTube channel. In less than an hour’s viewing, these videos present the background necessary to appreciate my more recent discoveries on Climate Control, arguably the most urgently needed of the Lost Technologies.

I am now in the process of assembling my latest discoveries on climate control. 'How the Weather' works and 'How to Harness Hurricanes' present the evidence briefly and I hope to post videos very shortly, followed by one on the development of the associated ACE mechanism and the aircraft technology. To top

I have presented my videos in roughly chronological sequence but they are essentially self-contained and can be viewed separately in any order. My site is otherwise set up to provide a more general guide to the various aspects of my research that hopefully should give any person of average intelligence sufficient knowledge to follow the evidence through for themselves in order to reach their own conclusions about the broader implications of these discoveries that are clearly immense.

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