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Out of Africa


Palaeontologists have long been trying to build a picture of human evolution. From fossil remains it was suggested that the original identifiably human hominid species walked our planet in Africa, perhaps 1.8M years ago. By about 1.2M BCE the first humans had started their migration 'out of Africa' and across Europe, Asia and the subcontinent, gradually diversifying into about a dozen related but identifiably different sub-species, now known as Java man, Pekin Man, Mungo Man and Neanderthal man etc.  To top

By 60,000BCE two forms of human were established in Australia, gracile and robustus, and around 30,000BCE crossed into the Americas, spreading rapidly from north to south.

In Europe, Neanderthal had been cut off from the rest of Asia by the last Ice Age and developed into a much heavier, stockier individual, with thick brows and large cranium. DNA profiling suggests Neanderthal had diverged from modern humans prior to 800,000BCE and yet survived in Europe until at least 30,000BCE, and possibly right to the end of the Ice Age, around 10,000BCE.

The impression that has emerged is of a gradual dispersal over a considerable period of time with significant variations developing that made each sub-species recognisably different in physical form. Even eliminating Neanderthal as an extreme example, the differences are still far more obvious than is indicated by modern racial variations. To top

It was long assumed that somewhere in the last 30,000 years, modern man evolved from these pre-existing species by natural selection and that other evolutionary pressures would soon explain our modern features when more remains were found.

The only problem with this scenario is that it is totally at odds with the latest DNA analysis. Although more data is required to be definitive, as far as has been determined so far, Neanderthal is, as was suspected, only very distantly related to modern man. Our their nearest common relative dates back to about 690,000BCE.

However, the big surprise has been that Mungo Man, Java Man and Pekin Man are also only distantly related. The natural rate of genetic mutation suggests that our nearest common relative with all of these distant cousins goes back at least 200,000 years. To top

Working Back from DNA

Genetic lineage can be traced independently back along either the male or the female line. According to genetics, the original, quintessentially Adam, from whom all humans alive on earth today are descended, was alive around 70,000BCE and, by a similar yardstick, the quintessential Eve was born around 120,000BCE.

Since these 'cousins' would presumably have been living alongside Homo Sapiens for much of this time, there are a few obvious problems :

  • Why is there no trace of the existence of modern man prior to 10,000BCE?
  • Why is there no trace of any of these earlier sub-species after this time ? and
  • why is there no evidence of any crossbreeding, except quite recently with the Neanderthal?
  • Various scenarios have been suggested, from total isolation to total worldwide genocide but so far no suggestion made has offered anything like a rational answer.

    Is it then possible that it is one of our assumptions or basic facts that is totally wrong? To top

    6+6 = 1?

    According to the geological record, in the last 10,000 years every one of these (dozen or more) distantly related sub-species of humans has apparently disappeared without trace. They have all been replaced by a multitude of diverse races that all exhibit quite remarkable genetic uniformity within a single worldwide species.

    Global genocide might explain why only one species survived but it fails completely to explain the extraordinary variety of distinct races that remain nor why no direct ancestor to modern man has yet been found prior to this time. It's little wonder the stories of religious fundamentalists are so widely accepted. Substitute the "Creation of the Universe" with the "Creation of Man" and the stories even provide a timescale that appears to match these latest findings from science. To top

    It is obvious there can only be one correct, logical solution that explains all of the evidence and it would seem self-evident the correct version of history must lie somewhere between science and the previously unprovable stories of legend and religion.

    Though no rational person would challenge the "age of the universe" as less than many billions of years, the "creation" of modern man as a species is quite obviously a far more recent event. To top

    Scientists date past events, assuming only a rate of mutation as inflicted by nature upon all living cells. However, as can be witnessed on any farm, quite clearly the rate of variance can be vastly altered by deliberate interference. Genetic engineering can now create an entirely new species in a single generation but even by the slower process of selective breeding, major changes can still be made within a few generations.

    Assuming purely natural processes, science now dates Eve (the quintessential first modern human female) to around 70,000BCE and Adam her theoretical partner, at 120,000BCE. However, few if any direct ancestors of modern man (homo sapiens sapien) have been discovered that are older than around 10,000 years, revealing an obvious dilemma.

    Logically this implies a very much accelerated rate of change. Is it possible these changes were brought about by the deliberate, global interference in the breeding of modern humans by the beings we know as gods, precisely as implied in bibilical texts? To top

    I suggest that, for reasons that can now be seen as entirely logical, around ten thousand years ago, the gods of the bible set about "creating" Mankind to assist them in their colonisation of earth. These beings were not the "creators of the universe" but merely an alien species slightly more advanced than we are today who did a little genetic tinkering to solve a problem in logistics.

    It would appear that our visitors engineered modern man out of the many related sub-species (already mentioned), in order to have intelligent agents on the ground who were not adversely affected by earth's (to them) alien flora and fauna. What simpler solution could there be than to breed a suitable creature from the available local talent? It might take a few years, but to a race prepared to spend perhaps 50 years on just getting here, another 40 years or so would scarcely count.

    The solution would be to take a few samples home, make a few alterations as desired, and return with a small army to start their colonisation. The "children of the gods" would still be able to breed with the local natives but their genes would dominate. It is safe to assume that this inter-breeding would introduced dominant genes that would see them rapidly change the face of humanity forever. To top

    Amazingly, the Book of Enoch, among the Dead Sea Scrolls, describes amost exactly this scenario, of 150 (human) mutineers who deserted their ship, took wives among the locals and started families. Their refusal to return to their ship, incited the destruction (from space) of the cities of Soddom and Gomorrah. The petrification of Lot's wife, described in the bible, strongly suggests the military use of a massive beam of microwaves.

    In the western world, we accept that the our history is almost entirely built on myth and legend and even that, in truth, we know very little about our past back beyond 2000-3000 years. What survives are legends of amazing events beyond our belief and buildings of enormous size and sophistication that we cannot truly explain, often built using technologies beyond our present understanding or ability to duplicate them in any rational way. However, when the evidence is viewed in the light of our modern technology, a great many possible answers present themselves. To top

    DNA Fingerprints

    My amateur analysis suggests the emergence of an intelligent, cognitive human species occurred probably somewhere between 20,000BCE and 10,000BCE. Geologically speaking this is a remarkably short time and coincides approximately with the apparent demise of all mankind's earlier cousins. It is a remarkably short time, not only to go from caveman to farmer, but also to spread all around the world as one single, unified species of quite extraordinary uniformity. Along the way, all opposition from all those distant cousins was eliminated in spite of the apparent evidence they had already colonised the most of the globe.

    We now know that by 3000BCE (5000 years ago) numerous very closely related human civilisations of significant (and similar) technical capability were introducing sophisticated farming systems and irrigation in North, South and Central America, in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and in India and Central and SE Asia. The majority of these nations built pyramids and communed with gods who visited from the heavens and gave them access to all sorts of benefits through trade. How can there not be a connection? To top

    Our method of dating these events is based on two quite separate dating method.

    1. The datings of various skeletal remains has been made by radiocarbon analysis, a technique that has been proven as remarkably accurate over this sort of timescale.

    2. The timing of DNA mutation, also based on well-established figures but with a singularly important proviso.

    The timescale of genetic events dated by the rate of natural DNA mutation only applies if we are dealing with naturally occurring events.

    Problem is, there is a mass of evidence both physical and from scriptures, legends and myths that suggests the very real possibility that we are dealing with events that are not naturally occurring. If that is so, then surely the extraordinary and rapid evolution of Man kind must be added to the opposite list, the list suggesting Intelligent Design, NOT of the Universe per se, but of Man as a species. To top

    From Dolly the sheep...

    As any breeder of plants or animals can attest, the natural rate of mutation can be vastly accelerated with a little intelligent interference. What would, by natural process, take 70,000 years, could easily be accomplished in 100 years by selective breeding and in less than 20 years by genetic manipulation and artificial insemination.

    Even if we assume we are dealing simply with a case of selective breeding, we are of course still introducing some form of Intelligent Design ID and ID is the Bogey Man of the scientific realist. To top

    But is it really? We are talking here of the intelligent design of humankind, of breeding a more intelligent, fitter, healthier human species from a raft of less inspiring creatures who were still operating in the Stone Age. We are not talking about the Creation of the whole Universe, merely of using techniques that we are fast acquiring in our own right, right now. To top

    It would certainly mean that an alien species has been visiting us and was, for a time at least, essentially colonising Earth by proxy, using an 'improved' version of the semi-intelligent native species - MAN.

    Once these possibilities are entered into the equation, all the figures suddenly drop into place and they appear to do so without a single hitch. In addition, the odd inferences of many strange legends and biblical stories also all start popping out of the paperwork. From the heroic myths of Scandinavia, to the legends of Gilgamesh and Noah's ark to the benefactor of the people of Central America, the mighty Lord Pacal, all the stories from all native origins, all now fit the picture as presented. 

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