A Global Threat


A Potential Global Danger Uncovered

The realisation of how IRVs and cyclones work and grow in their power raises the grim possibility that a cyclone-type storm could come to dominate the weather on a global basis, especially in the northern hemisphere. Indeed the major winter storms experienced across Europe and North America in recent years strongly suggest this is already starting to happen and will rapidly get worse as the Arctic Ice recedes ever further every summer.

There would seem every indication the whole of the Northern Hemisphere is already in the process of plunging into an Ice Age as a direct result of so-called Global Warming. Unless the correct action is taken and taken soon an Ice Age might be triggered by the inevitable coming together of the pre-existing global circulation described earlier with the basic mechanisms of the IRV within a cyclone.  All it requires is open seas around the pole in summer time. To top

Assumptions and Preconceptions.

It has long been assumed the last Ice Age affected all the land and sea north of the ice sheets most southerly boundary but this is not necessarily so. Indeed, the mechanism now emerging to threaten us rather suggests otherwise. Though no proof has been found, the evidence of recent events suggests the last Ice Age may well have been caused by exactly the scenario now unfolding, of Arctic seas getting steadily warmer over the past 3 decades. To top

It now seems evident that an increase in summer melt across the polar ice sheet will be the perfect trigger for the establishment of a Polar Depression that could take centuries or even millennia to finally break up, if it ever did. Of course, beyond a century or so, it will be of purely academic interest because our civilisation will have long ago died out or left for warmer climes. To top

Should the mechanism as applies within a cyclone become established across the north pole when the ice sheets retreat in summer there is a strong possibility it will become almost as well established as Jupiter’s Red Spot, a storm that has rolled on for centuries. Once started it is entirely possible the IRV vortex phenomena could last until the Gulf stream stopped  and who knows what would happen then?

Disturbing Possibilities.

The accuracy of this prediction is somewhat dependent on how much energy can be drawn from the Arctic Ocean, on whether the Gulf Stream itself would survive and on estimates of how intense the polar vortex mechanism could become and/or how stable it would be. To top

The normal global atmospheric circulation and the increasing ice free region around the pole each summer would tend to keep the whole vortex mechanism centred on the pole, which would seem to suggest that, once fully established, a so-called ‘Perfect Storm’ centred on the pole is a very real possibility. The extraordinary range of possibilities is beyond the capabilities of even the largest computers to predict with any certainty. However, there is one thing of which we can be absolutely sure. There are many more bad possibilities than good ones and any suggestion that we can keep pushing the limits without the direst of consequences for large sections of the world population are horrendously and grossly optimistic.

It could hardly be seen as surprising that tales of gloom and doom are becoming widespread given the incredible thinning of the arctic icesheet since the US nuclear sub Nautilus first  took measurements in 1958. Since that time the polar ice has, on average, decreased in volume by >30% and, despite the claims of the global warming sceptics, the long tern trend appears to be accelerating.

Make no changes and the prospects for the future survival of our civilisation look distinctly grim. However, the alarm has now been raised and the chances are actually quite promising that realistic solutions will be put in place. If only its potential is recognised, the technology revealed on this site could make all the difference. To top

A Glimmer of Hope.

If my research proves anything at all, it is that controlling the weather and thus the climate may not be such a forlorn hope as the vast majority of the populous would seem to assume. Indeed, the evidence from ancient sites  suggests the weather was once controlled to some significant degree in our distant past before the knowledge was finally lost in the Middle Ages.

Why the technology was lost is essentially of no importance and the reasons clearly varied from place to place. What is significant is that ancient nations right around the world with no significant  technology as we know it, were able to cultivate arid regions sufficiently well to feed large populations using those lost technique. 

It would now seem that the technique of  reverse engineering has once again placed this ancient technology within our grasp. Furthermore, it can be shown as being well within the industrial capacity of even the poorest of nations.  To impliment the necessary changes swiftly, all it requires is for the know-how to once again be fully developed and for it to then be made available in every region, according to the abilities, assets and capabilities of the local farmers. With the right knowledge, there's not a farmer in the world who would not seek to take control of his future by improving his land and raising its production.

Working together, with the right techniques, farmers could quickly change the driest of landscapes and/or mitigate the deadliest of land-based storms. A more pro-active approach will be needed to mitigate major cyclones but that would also appear a possibility. It only requires that nations too, start  working together which would surely occur once the efficacy of the technology was proven.

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